Happy Holidays, from Tide of Change!

I just wanted to make a quick post to wish everyone a happy holiday season and notify you all of a few things!

Firstly, there’s going to be some new staff members and authors coming to join Tide of Change! This is something the site and the movement really needs. Some of them will be long-time friends of mine who I’ve known since I was a child. This is really great news for the site, because we will have more administrators and more authors to bring you excellent articles and content! So be on the look out for new authors and content soon!

We’ve also made some changes to how the site works. I noticed some improper settings which should hopefully be fixed now. We’ve also expanded and added some new stuff, like the Poll & Surveys page. Check it out and be sure to vote and let your voice be heard! We’ve also got a slightly new look and feel to the site, and you’ll notice we’ll have some extra “quick polls” on the right-hand side of the page for everyone to participate in! In the future, we’re hoping to add even more extra widgets and content the page and improve the interfaces.

You’ll probably notice some other changes in the near future; some large and some very subtle. But hopefully it will enhance the overall look and feel as well as the usability of our site. And we are very excited and can’t wait for our new staff and authors!

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Thanks to all of you, and happy holiday seasons!

“Go with the Tide of Change!”

Efrem A. Sanders, Tide of Change Founder


Who are our real enemies?

I think there has been some confusion among readers about who our political enemies and opponents are in America. Some of the emails I’ve received since I first opened the blog have given me the impression that I’ve sewn some confusion in casual readers! So I figured we may as well take a moment to discuss it, and clarify who are the real enemies of the movement and progress.

Question: I thought the Conservatives were our ideological enemy and opposite. Why do you say it’s libertarians?!

This is something hard for a lot of newcomer liberals, progressives and socialists to understand. But in order to understand this, we have a understand a reasonable way to classify politics. It’s often fine to say someone or something is “left-wing” or “right-wing”, and we know the right-wing is where our opponents live (over there in wacko land). But left-right classification is really only good for classifying economic thinking! The far-left represents “collectivism”; this is egalitarian/socialist thinking, which is often thought of as Communism/Marxism. The far-right represents free enterprise capitalism; that abomination of oppression, as we see it and know it to be. But we also have to consider the way people think of government and sociology! This could range from authoritarianism, the belief that we need a powerful government to take care of us, all the way to the opposite end: anarchism, the belief that there should be no government (I know, crazy!). We’ll come back to this later. But when you think about things with this extra dimension, you will realize you can actually have left-wing communists who are anarchists and those who are authoritarians — conversely, you can have anarchist capitalists and authoritarian capitalists. There are even “official” terms for these kinds of people, like “anarcho-communist” or “anarcho-capitalist”.

But we are “statist” leftists; we believe that our government (the state) is necessary to protect us from harm by others and ourselves. We serve the state and the state serves us back. A strong government is necessary to preserve our egalitarian way, eliminate socioeconomic class, equally distribute wealth, punish criminals and enemies of the state and our cause and lead us into the new era. Without a government able to protect us, greedy capitalists and criminals could overthrow our world and us! This is why we need our government and leaders. We embrace progressivism, liberalism, socialism and communism and represent a unique and powerful world view! And we need not mention that these are wonderful days for us, as we move step by step, hand in hand, towards realizing our ultimate goal.

However, the conservatives and Republicans are not really our “opposite”. They don’t even have a unique ideology. They’re just a collection of different types of capitalists, religious zealots, racists, sexists, homophobes and everyone who wants to stop progress. In fact, the name “conservative” is very fitting! They are, in America, the biggest group opposing us. But they are really the least of our threats, shocking as it may sound! The reason is because they don’t even agree on everything. But generally they are imperialists/nationalists (we are internationalists), somewhat authoritarian and only slightly “right-wing”. Sure, they preach that they love “small government” and “free market”, but these are empty words. Just look at what Bush did in office — he actually played right into our hands by federalizing banks and plenty of other things! They try to copy off of us to win votes, because they know their days are numbered. This is why “conservatism” is a dying cause, and we have little to worry about.

Libertarians, on the other hand, are the ones who we do need worry about. They practice what they believe, and they are serious about destroying socialism and our government! Unlike Republicans and Conservatives, they literally want a limited government, and they want to turn Americans loose with all sorts of freedom — something totally unacceptable. They argue that we should do things like legalize marijuana and prostitution because “they are not crimes” and “can only harm the individual”. This is nonsense! They often try to argue that we have 1-million non-violent drug offenders in prison, often for “just” smoking a joint, and that it’s too expensive for our nation. But NO cost is too much when it comes to punishing people who want to get high. They don’t understand that there’s a good reason it’s ok to drink alcohol but marijuana is illegal: because our government says marijuana is bad and it kills people with just one wrong puff! So we must spare no expense in punishing marijuana users. It’s unreasonable to question our government’s judgment, especially when we have such a brilliant leader as President Barack Obama — if marijuana was ok, our President would say so, but he has NOT! They also keep bringing up all of these scientists, doctors and studies who say marijuana is not dangerous; but we have to ignore this nonsense and trust our government over what some silly scientist or doctor says. If they start convincing you of these crazy ideas, just remind yourself that the government must be right and they are our leaders.

Libertarians also carry other very dangerous ideas. They believe the government should only have the authority to stop acts of aggression (like stealing, hurting someone, rape or killing), and that the people should control the government. This is also nonsense! We need our government to give us moral guidance, punish us when we’ve done wrong, help us raise our children and take care of us. We can’t survive and uphold civilization without our government leaders. Can you imagine what chaos would break out in your own home if the government wasn’t watching you and telling you what you need to do? Libertarians also believe the government has gone too far by spying on us and trying to monitor us online. But we need the government to keep an eye on us and make sure we aren’t doing bad things on the internet. If you’re a good citizen, you shouldn’t care if the government watches everything you do! We also cannot control our government. It doesn’t work that way, and the government controls us for very good reasons. If we had control of our government, the whole country would fall apart and people would be able to do whatever they wanted in private, as long as they didn’t hurt someone else, without fear of the government kicking in their door and throwing them in jail. That would be unacceptable, and it’s a mad idea. They have to fool themselves into believing Americans are capable of making their own decisions. Could you imagine what could happen? People could grow a marijuana tree at home, smoke it and as long as they keep a job and behave normally we would never know they were on pot — they would actually be able to get away with it!

They also have frightening economic ideals that which are of great concern to us and our government. The Republicans and conservatives preach about “free markets” and “deregulation”, but we know it’s nonsense. Most libertarians, on the other hand, really believe in this laissez-faire economics stuff and would put it into practice! They buy into the absurd notion that people (businesses, workers and consumers) can manage their own economic affairs without government control. I could think of nothing more outrageous! We need the government to to dismantle businesses which grow too big, take heavy taxes from the rich and redistribute wealth equally in society. Marx put it quite well: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. Libertarians would probably say something crazy, like: “…to each according to his accomplishments”, or maybe “…from oneself according to one’s effort, to him/her according to success”. This is crazy thinking. Just because someone is smart and works hard it does not give them the right to own lots of land and be wealthy. They often try to discredit us by saying that “people who can work but don’t should not be getting “handouts” from our tax dollars”. But what they don’t want to accept is that even people who refuse to work need food and other things. We can’t just force them to work or do without, which is sickening. How would THEY feel if they didn’t work and didn’t get any support from society? Not so good, I don’t think. It’s just their way of discriminating against poor people who don’t work even though they could. Certain people actually should be allowed to not work because of things we did to them in the past, such as slavery. We made them work for nothing for hundreds of years, so it’s the least we can do with our tax dollars. Don’t let them convince you to buy into this trash.

Maybe the most despicable ideal libertarians throw around and delude themselves into believing is the idea of “self-ownership”, or “individualism”. In case you don’t know, it’s basically the crackpot idea that every person “owns” their own mind, body, and will — some of the religious ones say “spirit” too, haha. But they forget about something…what about society and our government? Do they really think they “own” themselves, and that we aren’t all shared among society and the government? If this was true, then marijuana and prostitution would be legal, ha! They think that if an individual was able to do something bad to themselves, like smoke a marijuana cigarette without anyone knowing or ever getting caught, that they didn’t harm society? Nonsense! That would undermine the entire government and our War on Drugs. They would go even further to tell you that you have the “right” to put anything (any food, drink or substance) into your body you want. But we know this isn’t true…just look at the obesity epidemic and all of the people victimized by fast food and junk food! Look at all of the people victimized by careless corporations like McDonald’s which are selling these awful foods to Americans, and our own children. They say it’s “the individual’s choice”, but they know these corporations don’t care about people! We have these big tobacco companies preying upon American children (they’ve even tried things like making flavored tobacco!), but they will claim it’s the children’s fault for smoking it! This is totally outrageous that they would try to claim that our children (and even adults) are to blame when these tobacco companies have practically forced them to start smoking. You might think I’m joking and they aren’t really crazy like this, but you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Of course, they have some other wild theories. One of their other economics theories is that we should get rid of our Federal Reserve and fiat money (our current money) and go back to an old gold or silver standard. In case you haven’t heard of this, our current money is called “fiat money”. It’s not backed up by anything, and the government controls it and how much of it there is. But in the past, we used to use money which was backed up by a certain amount of gold — in other words, a dollar bill was like a note which you could exchange for a certain amount of gold. But today, our government controls the money supply. Our money is money because the government says so and we believe it is. This is how they are able to make the economy fair. If we followed libertarians who want to go back to a gold standard, that would mean citizens would be in control of money and the economy! They’re all hung up on this idea because of the Constitution saying this stuff; but it doesn’t take a genius to know the Constitution is wrong and written by a bunch of foolish old men (who were racists too). They will try to argue with you and tell you that our fiat money is “totally at the whim of politicians and controlled by the government”, but that’s the whole point! The ultimate goal is to eliminate money and balance out all of humanity, so that no one can be richer than anyone else. It doesn’t matter how hard someone works, we have to learn to be kind and share; this is what egalitarianism is about. We have to trust our government with the money system we have today, and they will work towards abolishing it soon enough, so don’t worry. They might try to scare you and sew confusion by telling you the government is in cahoots with the banks, credit card companies and insurance companies…and they might even tell you the Federal Reserve can do whatever it wants and they use inflation and bad policies to tax us and penalize business. But don’t let this fool you. Have faith in the government, and you must remember they are working for our good and the good of humanity. If you ever think the government is wrong, you need to stop and question yourself! Our leaders, like President Obama and the faithful Timothy Geithner know what is best for us and our economy. It’s an absurd conspiracy theory if you don’t believe the government is right and only trying to do good for us. If we had stopped trying to question and resist the government just twenty years ago, we could already be living in a better country — think about that before you try to question the government and authority!

But, my friends and comrades, this is why I’m so outspoken against libertarians and free enterprisers. Sure, we hear the Republicans and conservatives saying some of this crazy junk, but it’s just talk. Libertarians are hardcore rebels who not only really believe in this “limited government”, “individual liberty” and often “free market” stuff, but they will try to put words into action if we give them a chance. If a Republican gets elected, it’s only a small loss. We can usually get them to do what we want and they even play into our hands. Republicans also know America wants change and progress, so they sometimes even do what we want them to so they can save face and have a chance to get re-elected. But there ARE dangerous Republicans who are actually libertarians — they’re rejected by the mainstream Republicans — like Ron Paul. If Ron Paul got elected, things could get ugly and the government could lose authority and power…Americans might even get away with all of these crazy “individual liberties” and get too much freedom, when we already know human beings are incapable of handling freedom and making their own decisions without government. So we have to watch out for a few of the Republicans, who are libertarians in disguise. But most of them are just sheep who we can bend to our will and progress. Stay away from any libertarian thinking and any libertarian politicians (even if they come in the guise of being real Republicans). And I shouldn’t have to tell you to avoid Republicans because we will get more done with good, progressive leaders. If we lose a seat to a Republican, it will usually be ok 99% of the time, because there’s only those few we have to worry about. The biggest danger is that those wolves in disguise like Ron Paul will take over the party or even gain enough popularity to start their own, original libertarian party.

To sum things up. All we really have to fear from conservatives and the vast majority of Republicans is nothing changing. The word “conservative” itself means “to support/protect the existing social order”. They don’t actually want to change anything, they really want a powerful government instead of a small/limited one and they at least are against “individual liberty” and “self-ownership” (e.g., most conservatives/Republicans are at least smart enough to support the War on Drugs). But libertarians DO want to change things…and in dangerous ways. They would like to turn you loose you all sorts of freedom and power, and they would try to make it so people can control the government through some sort of democratic means. They could undermine the government’s efforts to redistribute wealth among the people and eliminate social classes, and force all able-bodied people to work for a living. They would try to eliminate our Federal Reserve and put the economy in our hands, something we can’t handle! And their brains are full of rugged individualist ideas and beliefs in the Constitution and these so-called “rights” we should have.

This, my friends, my comrades, is why libertarians are our ideological and state enemy, rather than Republicans or conservatives. The conservatives and Republicans are the people who do nothing (except those few like Ron Paul who are libertarians trying to win office — I can’t warn you enough about these few dangerous ones!). But libertarians are against everything we stand for as allied and strong liberals, progressives, socialists, communists and egalitarians. Hopefully you now understand why I’m so serious about warning you about them, and consider the Republicans and conservatives to mostly be a joke.

Thanks for your time!


America’s “Love” Problems

Everybody knows that America is experiencing a problem with high divorce rates, teen pregnancy and…I suppose we can say we have a “love problem”!  I’m going to primarily focus on the issue of marriage and divorce, what it means for us and how the government can solve it for our nation. So let’s dig in to the issue and look at some statistics…

*About 40% of all marriages ended in divorce (2008)

*In first marriages from 1955-1959, 79% of them saw their 15th anniversary.  This dropped to a mere 57% from 1985 to 1989!

*The median time between divorce and a second marriage was about three and a half years.

*In 2009 the overall divorce rate was in decline in the U.S., but so was the marriage rate.

*A 1995 study found a wide range of unassociated factors including frequency of sex, wealth, race, and religious commitment.

*In 2001, marriages between people of different faiths were three times more likely to be divorced than those of the same faith.

Data courtesy of Wikipedia article on divorce.

As you can see, it seems a lot of the problem is caused by religion! This is no shock to any intelligent person, because we know all people who believe in magic gods in the sky are crackpots. They do bad things, they’re racists and they all deny science. This is another reason we must work to eliminate religion from society, being such a hindrance to progress, and cleanse people’s minds of fairy tales and superstition. But we’ll get back to this later.

Marriage is an important thing to society because it is how we rear the next generation of workers to man the factories, farm the fields, run the green power plants, be police officers and fire fighters and serve our government in other ways. Gay marriage is even more important. For now, gay couples adopt children that wicked people discard because gay people are so kind and compassionate. But I think that future scientific advances will allow gay couples to have biological children of their own. Gay women can obviously be artificially-inseminated and there is even technology to fertilize an egg with an egg. We need to be able to do the same thing for gay men, to make both sexes equal, and figure out a way for a gay man to become pregnant and carry a child. Once this science is perfected, we can make gay and straight couples equal and they can both raise our next generation side by side. I think it’s especially important because gay couples are more loving and stable — straight men are cruel and mean to women, often times, and cause the divorces (if it’s not religion’s fault). So we have to keep in mind that both straight and gay marriage are important, and gay marriage is extremely important. It may even be beneficial for humanity to eventually have all homosexual couples, but this could be debated.

But how can we solve the problem of failing marriages, and ensure our future generations of workers and state servants are raised appropriately by parents and state guidance? If you think about it for a moment, it becomes obvious. The emergence of internet dating sites like eHarmony have proven that a specially trained group of people, with the aid of computer systems, can be more effective in making matches than people are! Since our society has grown more capitalistic and crazy, people are getting married because of their misunderstanding of “love” — which is really complex chemical signals in the brain which lead the average human to making poor choices. But what if, instead of eHarmony, we had our very own government select our partners for us? The possibilities could be truly awesome!

Now don’t freak out here. I’m not suggesting something crazy here — the government shouldn’t split up couples which are already married and doing well! So don’t worry if you’re already in a good, lasting marriage, my friends. But the government could become our very own “match-maker”! We already know the human species is generally unable to act responsibly or in her or his own interests — most of us lack either the intelligence, wisdom and/or education to make our own decisions…not all of us, but the vast majority. This is why we badly need laws against things like drugs, cigarettes, pornography (which degrades and objectifies women), prostitution (which also degrades and objectifies women), not wearing your seatbelt, etc. Some deluded people, like libertarians, will tell you these are not crimes because they “have no victim” and should be “personal choice” in a so-called “free country”. But they’re wrong! Government, the state, is what protects us from ourselves — entrusted with too much freedom, human beings hurt themselves. So if the government were making decisions on who we marry, instead of us, things would be much better. It even makes sense in a sort of mathematical way. The way it is now, it’s only two people who make the choice. But if the government decides, there would be thousands of experts who determine who you marry, so the choices they make would be much better!

The nation is also full of (especially young) singles who can’t find a mate. Often times, it’s because of our twisted capitalistic society telling people looks matter. So for instance, a nice young lady who is severely overweight cannot get a handsome young gentleman. But all of this would change, as the government could put the priority on things that matter instead of silly, shallow and superficial things like appearance! Of course, we should enact some laws for a basic personal hygiene code too, so that will not be an issue. Initially, it may be hard for the physically desirable young people to be mated-up with someone who is not physically attractive or overweight, but as society changes to become more loving and accepting, this will be a non-issue. Also, when we are eventually able to enact food laws (i.e., ban junk food and make exercise and healthy diets mandatory for all Americans) we will be able to defeat the obesity epidemic. So that too can eventually be eliminated, even though it would cease to be an issue after a generation or two. But everyone would be able to get married and find a partner! No more lonely singles wasting their time playing silly video games (especially dangerous video games) and watching MTV — the government will pair them up with a suitable mate. This will also be a godsend for lonely divorcees and widows!

We can then outlaw divorce, and totally eliminate the problem. Not only that, but we will have the entire adult population married (as it will be compulsory) and able to pair together to raise the next generation and form a social and labor bond. The government may even have to assign some straight people to same-sex marriage if there are not enough of either sex available. This could become more of an issue depending on the amount of voluntary gays. So, for example, we may come to a situation where a straight man may have to form a marriage with another man. This could probably do some good in reducing homophobia in our country. People may not like it at first, but it will encourage a healthy balance of straight and gay couples and provide diversity — we will have larger amounts of children being raised by gay couples as well. I must say again, I believe gay marriage is the most important because same sex couples generally get along better, understand each other better, are more loving/compassionate and thus more stable. They are also vastly superior parents and will challenge the capitalistic status quo! So this will probably have to be done in some cases, even if it’s tough to adjust to. Remember, sex isn’t mandatory, so don’t freak out! In the future we can make sex obsolete anyway, and use our science in human breeding to produce the most vigorous sperm and egg cells for artificial insemination. So don’t think anyone would be forcing you to have sex against your will — it will actually be discouraged for all couples in the future, for obvious reasons. But you may, for instance, be required to give birth to a child and carry it in your womb (possibly even for men if scientific advances allow this). Another plus to this whole idea is that we can slowly decrease birthrates and reduce the human population to record lows — this will work wonders for our environment!

But I hope you can see the beauty in these ideas and what they could do for humanity with some thought. We can eliminate racism, sexism, religion, homophobia and solve the problem of divorce, unwanted pregnancy and create a new, modern type of “American values” for our society. You might find some problems with my ideas after applying some thought to it. Remember, nothing is perfect, but we can work together to move in a positive direction. So let’s hear your ideas!

The US Constitution: An old piece of paper. (Part I.)

Hello again my friends!

This is day two of my new political blog, and I’m still very excited! So I decided for today’s first post, I’m going to go after a big ideological problem in America: the US Constitution (and how it’s interpreted by right-wingers). The government often debates the Constitution and what it means in what context — often taking a Supreme Court ruling to determine the outcome of a dispute or the ultimate application of law. So let’s begin.

Problematic Amendments:


The first problematic amendment is, well, the First Amendment. The so-called “Freedom of Speech and Press” deal. Well it doesn’t take a political scientist to know speech isn’t totally free. You can be arrested if you yell “I have a bomb!” on an airplane or in a shopping mall. You can also get heavily fined for slander and libel. Threatening another person’s life is also illegal (criminal). But Americans often think that other than these things, they should be allowed to say whatever they want. I strongly disagree with this unrealistic attitude. After just a few minutes of searching the internet, you can find tons of things written by people which are harmful and divisive. You’ll find the internet is full of false and outrageous claims about President Obama, the government, current events and much, much more. The internet is full of lies, many of which are harmful — we all know that! The internet is also full of pornography which is easily accessible by and sometimes targeting children. Pornography also exploits women and gays, and undermines the successes of the women’s liberation movement. There are even prostitution websites operating under the guise of “escort services” or “dating services”. Prostitution is also something extremely exploitative of women, homosexuals and sometimes even worse, children! In addition to this, there are all sorts of hate sites: racism, Nazism, skinheads, sexism, homophobia, ad nauseum. We also know about all of the advertisements by “Big Tobacco”, most of which are designed to make your children want to smoke and fuel the corporations and CEO’s extravagant lifestyles and oppression of the working class. This is not to mention the alcohol (beer/liqour/wine) ads and websites, the marijuana advocacy propaganda sites and websites dedicated to undermining our government’s success in the War on Drugs. I think that if the so-called “founding fathers” the right-wingers love so much had known about all of this, they may very well have NOT written this amendment or would have put the limitations on it we desperately need.

We also have some other major problems with the First Amendment “rights” that are so horribly abused. Dangerous, violent and mind-altering video games are being sold and marketed to American children. These video games encourage children to take up a gun or a weapon and start killing people. Even though we’ve had some great progress like the video game ratings system, this still doesn’t fix things. Some parents actually let their kids play games like “Grand Theft Auto”, which are clearly rated “M” for MATURE. Television and movies are also a big problem. Not just because of the things it exposes children to (semi-pornographic material, violence, etc…) but because its an outlet for more right-wing garbage. People like Bill O’Reilly are sitting in their pulpits and slandering our government officials, misreporting current events, distorting the truth and simply trying to advance their ideologies. So what can we do?

There must be, at the very least, a new set of laws and reforms to target these problems. We will have to get to a point where we eliminate these issues to further progress as a society and people. To begin with, the government needs to monitor citizens’ internet usage. This can help in many ways: it can enforce internet decency, catch criminals like drug and arms dealers and prevent internet abuse which is harmful to society. We also need laws passed which outlaw unnecessary violence and filth in video games. Software makers must be held accountable for what content they put in video games and sell to our kids, and parents should be held accountable for what they expose their kids to in the first place. We do have some censorship of television programming, but it’s far too limited. There must be standards of television and movie decency which extend even to cable and satellite networks. Ultimately, when America achieves its dream and destiny of becoming a true classless, community-oriented and socialist society, we will be able to cut the cable (pun intended) on disruptive and potentially dangerous “news” networks and people like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck — networks and people who want to harm society. Eventually they will just be unnecessary, as the country awakens and embraces the new era we have been working for over the past century. Yes, I think even the south, desperate as they may be to save their faith and guns, will eventually be won over. At that point, we can rid the media, in all forms, of right-wing hatred, propaganda and destructive anti-government sentiment. It’s just trash we don’t need to be exposed to. In our future society, what use will television programs trying to promote things like capitalism be? None! By then nearly everyone will have given up on the free-market capitalist pipe-dream, which has been proven as a failure.

So in our future, things will be much better and easier — not to mention, SAFER. The government will be able to unobtrusively monitor our personal internet activities to make sure we aren’t engaging in illegal activities, but also to make sure we are not being victimized by things like identity theft! The government will also be able to guide us in what television shows Americans should watch, and we can get rid of those which are harmful to society. Better regulation to prevent children from seeing things intended for adults is also needed. I think technology will advance to the point where a television could pick up some sort of tiny, microscopic chip installed in everyone’s hand and our electronics, like televisions, will know if children were in the room and cut off any program or movie they shouldn’t see. However, we’ll have to wait and see about things like that. I’m definitely a “futurist” though, so I will embrace such technologies as they become feasible for mass usage. On a side note, a small chip installed in the hand could also work like a new form of “credit card” and be used to purchase everything — you’d never lose your money and get in a bind again! As cool as that sounds to any sensible person, I know there are crazy right-wingers who are going to call that “the devil” or “the anti-christ”, but who cares?


And the second problematic amendment is?… the Second Amendment, of course! This one really has no room for debate. Just look at all of the violence being perpetrated with guns and others weapons today. Look at things like Columbine and other school shootings (ironically, they were inspired by violent video games — caused by the First Amendment), all of the bank robberies, gang shootings, ad nauseum again… I don’t see how any reasonable person can think we “need” the Second Amendment. People shouldn’t be able to have guns; period. When America was born and this Amendment was written, the only guns were low-firepower and low-tech muskets that could only fire one bullet. Today, we have assault guns which fire hundreds of bullets. People are getting killed by them all the time! I also think if the “founding fathers”, so divine and perfect, had known about the future of weapons and crime in America, they would have chucked this ridiculous amendment! It’s doing us no good now, and only causing grave damage!

What the hell does anyone except the government need a gun for? I often hear right-wingers say it’s to prevent the government from becoming tyrannical, hilarious! Are they going to grab their Bibles and guns and rebel against the federal government? Is the south going to succeed again and try to enslave the minorities? I guess that’s what’s going through their brains. The LAST thing we need is a civil uprising in America. We’re making so much great progress under President Obama’s leadership (and have been for over 100 years — with some exceptions like the Bush years), and it could really screw things up if the “holy” bible and gun-toting gun-nuts decided to rebel or succeed from the union. Not to mention how much blood could be spilled. They would have to be delusional to think they can defeat the federal government — especially when led by a brilliant leader and tactician like President Obama. But if this is why they think they need guns, they need to hand them over NOW! Only upheaval and damage to America’s destiny could result from these nuts having assaulting guns.

Some of them have a bit more reasonable but still delusional argument for having guns. They say they need them to prevent crime and defend themselves. But wait a minute… isn’t the POLICE’s job to prevent crime? Can’t you call the POLICE if someone breaks in your home? Instead, you’re going to shoot the guy who wants your cowboy hat and snakeskin boots? Call the POLICE! That’s why we have police departments. It’s outrageous to think you should take the law into your own hands here, folks. If someone is trying to or threatening to kill you, you should run, try to hide or get away and then call the police. Chances are, they don’t really want to kill you and go to jail. So just get away and call the police — it’s that simple. If they do want to kill you, they will just shoot you before you get your stupid gun. Right-wingers must think they are Chuck Norris or something. You’re just not going to survive if a well armed criminal wants to kill you, and there’s no need to put society (and your own children) at risk by you having a worthless gun. Most people have gun accidents or get shot by their own gun anyway. Yeah, what if someone steals your own gun and turns it on you? They never think about this, clearly!

And as far as saying you need guns to go hunting, well, you shouldn’t be hunting anyway. It’s needless, damaging to the ecosystem and it takes the lives of innocent animals you just want to stuff and put on your wall as some macho display. That’s just absurd. Unless you’re living in a traditional Inuit tribe, you don’t need to kill animals. We have supermarkets and tons of places to get food. That’s where you get the food you live off of anyway! People who hunt usually just eat the meat so they can say they did and they think it makes them more “manly” to kill and eat something. But how would you like it if someone wanted to kill and eat YOU? You wouldn’t! If you think it’s more “healthy” and “natural”, then grow some veggies or start your own family farm.


To be continued…


Efrem A. Sanders

WikiLeaks: Good or Evil?

I’m still in awe of this whole WikiLeaks controversy, and I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already! I want to explore some of my opinions of the pros and cons of WikiLeaks. But I won’t make you wait to know what my overall opinion is. I think they are criminals, and must be stopped. And the government needs to take action to prevent dangerous organizations like this from inflicting harm on the world.

The Pros:

To begin with, America is still a multi-party nation (predominantly two-party, if you don’t count Tea-Baggers and our small but worst threat: Libertarians). So we have enemies in American politics, and they are fighting us tooth and nail. So until the day comes that America unites under the banner of social justice and progress, lead by a strong leader like President Obama, we must fight back. We have to move against Conservatism (I still haven’t figured out what they want to “conserve” and not destroy) and the almost 40-50% of our nation which buys into it and votes for people like George Bush. After all, Bush managed to cheat his way in office note once, but twice for F’s sake, because enough ignorant people voted for him to let him slide by. It just goes to show how dangerous putting too much power in the average Joe and rednecks’ hands is, but that’s beside the point. So how does this make WikiLeaks positive in this respect? Quite simply, because they’re going after people like Sarah Palin! I hope some Ukrainians have a good Christmas off of Mrs.Palin’s credit cards! Yes, this is one of the only positive things about the criminals at WikiLeaks — they’re attacking our enemies. So while I rejoice in this, I still can’t approve of them.

Next, they’ve created a world-wide crisis. A crisis always equals an opportunity for change. It shows a flaw in our thinking and current system, and gives us a chance to improve it. So from the damages these Assange-worshipping criminals have caused, they’ve just given us a chance to get stronger. We’re probably lucky someone more brilliant and cunning than WikiLeaks didn’t come in and hit us where it hurts. But again, crisis = change. And I can only foresee good changes coming from this. While I’m sure President Obama doesn’t mind seeing his enemies kicked around, I know he sees the dangers in this that I do. This whole “Freedom of Speech” thing is getting WAY out of hand. It has before in the past. Remember when video games were unrated and a child could go and buy a violent and dangerous, mild-altering video game like “Grand Theft Auto”. Well, it took some school shootings and major problems before the brave Sen. Joseph Lieberman finally got things done (but it’s a shame he’s proven to be a turncoat). This time will be similar, but different. We’ve got a president in office and powerful Congress that is inline with our cause. Whereas during the Bush years, it was hard to do anything good for our people. We’ve also got a more powerful federal government which can push through sweeping changes at blistering speed. So we have, now, both the opportunity and the means to pass new laws to limit the First Amendment (maybe even reinterpret or rewrite it properly) — and maybe most importantly, the way it applies to the internet. There is no question that the federal government should start monitoring and controlling what goes on online. Good Americans won’t be afraid of such a positive change because they should not have anything to hide. When people try to argue against something like this, I often ask them: “What, are you a drug trafficker or child porn publisher? If not, why do you care if the government knows you looked up a recipe for dinner or checked your email?”. It’s that simple — you don’t have to fear the state if you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Furthermore, we can use this opportunity to promote some contemporary morals and decency on the web. Unfounded and baseless criticism against our President and leaders should have to be answered for. It’s damaging and divisive to our nation and harmful to the state — it also undermines federal and state powers, which is a direct disservice and harm to Americans. Saying things like “Obama is a Muslim terrorist” should be an offense punishable by a fine, or even a brief stint in a federal correctional facility in cases of extreme and dangerous criticisms and lies. However, I think we will have to create special prisons for such offenders. We don’t want to mix them in with ordinary criminals for two reasons: 1) they might get eaten alive or raped 2) they could spread their infectious Conservative ideology to prisoners too uneducated to see through it. Since we’ve never had an effective model for special prisons like these, we’ll have to apply some thought, stay flexible and experiment. We’ll find the right mix of what it takes to prevent ridiculous and dangerous hate speech or harmful information leaks. Now don’t jump off the deep end and claim I want to put everyone in jail for saying something bad. Not at all. The prisons couldn’t contain them all if we did that, and valuable resources which could be employed for social welfare (like Social Security) would be wasted. What I’m actually saying is that we should designate special prisons for political insurgents who try to spread terror, hatred, anti-government slander and lies, racism and damaging info/intel leaks in an excessive and threatening fashion. I’m sure we all agree issuing a bomb threat or death threat against someone warrants severe punishment, and that’s precisely the type of things I’m talking about! Please don’t let your Right-wing or Libertarian-anarchist brains run wild with delusions about this. Please be sensible.

Honestly, I guess that’s about the only good things I see coming from WikiLeaks…

The Cons:

WikiLeaks is damaging society, undermining the state and its power, infecting the public’s minds with crazy anarchist and libertarian ideals and hurting us on both a collective and individual level. We have to crusade against this, even if we have to cohort with the likes of Sarah Palin for a bit, and stop it dead in its tracks. You see, something like WikiLeaks sets a dangerous precedent for some wacky, far-out ideals. WikiLeaks says to the world that you can have access to any information you want and know anything you want. This is something truly ominous, and presents us with the risk that the total OPPOSITE of what we want and need can start gaining a foothold. As much as they repulse me, I’ve always been happy that our biggest opponent is the Republican party and the Conservatives in America. They are mostly naive and simple minded creatures of rhetoric. We’ve been able to keep them from ever getting too far, and they often unknowingly play right into our hands. Funny as it sounds, I’m glad they’re around! But if nefarious organizations like WikiLeaks are able to gather enough public support, we could see something truly threatening to progressive, socialist and liberal values: some sort of new, cohesive and stronger libertarian- or minarchist-like movement. Nothing could be more damaging to our battle for social and economic justice. I hate to point out our own vulnerabilities, just like those doomsday TV shows point out our country’s weak-points that terrorists could attack, but I have to. I want you to realize what grave risks this could entail if it manages to achieve a snowball effect. If you want to erase and destroy almost a century of progress, let the libertarians and anarchists march in. You see, the Republicans, Tea-Baggers and Conservative delusionists preach that “small government”, “free market” and “capitalism” crap, but they don’t really do it. They just make special deals with corporations to live like fat cat bureaucrats, contradict themselves and act like blood-thirst imperialists. But libertarians, all high on pot and crackpot ideals like “self-ownership” and “individual liberty” will actually do these things and reverse everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve. They can utterly destroy our country from within.

If movements like this prevail, we could potentially see the destruction of things which are integral to a democratic or non-democratic socialist society. Things like the fiat system, Affirmative Action, healthy race-balanced social welfare, state intervention in the economy and many more crucial components of a healthy and powerful state could be systematically dismantled and burned to the ground. This is something any loyal and reasonable American can’t sit back and let happen. So I call you all to arms against WikiLeaks and this rapist named Assange, and ask you to put some careful thought and consideration into all of this. The last thing we need is to see libertarianism and similar crackpot ideologies gain some ground in our country, and end up with Ron Paul for president!


Efrem A. Sanders

Hello citizens of the world!

Tide of Change (TOC) has just been born! This is truly an exciting time for me. I have dreamed for years about having my own website or personal blog on the internet (of course, dedicated to politics) which I could use as a platform for inciting positive change and thinking in America. I was never sure how to approach it, and I was even nervous about it. I’ve procrastinated and put it off for the last three years. But today, I finally decided to go for it. Some close, like-minded friends have pledged their continuous support and been a great source of encouragement to me. I guess they finally convinced me to get up off my rump and do it! So my long-awaited dream, TOC, was born today at about 9:30 am (Central US Time — and don’t call me timezone-centric! Kidding. Get used to my dry humor, or just dry lack thereof). Anyway, I feel very optimistic and excited about this, and I just seem to know that this is going to grow and become something significant.

I’m going to be, quite often, going off into uncharted territory and using that feared and hated “s-word”: “socialism”!? GASP!!! Yes, socialism. We’re going to go there, and I hope you can approach it with an open mind and heart. I can assure you that those of you who have been pre-programmed to hate that word (and what you think it stands for) will at least have a clearer picture of what you hate — provided you pay attention! Those of you who come here with an open mind and working eyes and ears may very well become socialist activists and progressives yourselves! I know that may be hard for some of you to believe, but you haven’t gotten to see anything yet! So be sure to at least read, listen and think. I can’t force you to believe in or accept anything, but I hope you will at least be willing to walk a mile in another man’s shoes before you throw a rock (or heavy, blunt instrument) at him.

On the other hand, I know this nation is full of like-minded people. We had a major, resounding victory during our last presidential election. We got rid of Bushism (and its horrors), and got a brilliant, powerful and just truly awesome man in office: President Barack Obama. This couldn’t have happened without the awesome socialists, progressives, liberals, democrats and independent and free-thinkers in this nation. I applaud you all for what we’ve achieved, however the fight isn’t over yet. America still faces many tough times ahead, and things aren’t all peachy — despite some of the much needed social justice and reform we’ve already gotten. But I have faith in America and the American people (even the south), and I know that liberty and justice for all shall prevail!

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you again!


Efrem A. Sanders